Hells Trash Horsemen. Going Sane



  • 17 November 2012 15:24

    Tribute To Silent Death coming soon

    Hi people!!! We want to share with you our news. In spring 2011 we had the opportunity to recorded one song for Tribute to Silent Death and now this CD will release. I hope you will enjoyed with us. Best regards! Nick & all HTH tribute to silent death
  • 25 March 2012 06:27

    DEMO 2012 OUT NOW

    Hi people! In march 22 our MCD "DEMO 2012" has been released. We are very glad that this long-awaited MCD now available. We hope that you enjoy it! demo 2012 Sold Out The new demo includes 4 new tracks: 1. IM REICH DES CHAOAS 2. SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE 3. LIFETIME DELUSION 4. MINDS COLLIDE New songs are more aggressive and speed! You can listen to one song "SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE" from our "Demo 2012" at: http://soundcloud.com/nickkomshukov/hells-thrash-horsemen-servants For order at PayPal account: komshukov@rambler.ru You can write for details at: komshukov@rambler.ru Best regards! Nick & HTH
  • 04 June 2011 07:07

    H.T.H. recorded Silent Death Cover.

    Hell's Thrash Horsemen recorded track "Morbid Massacre" for A Tribute to Silent Death a legendary death metal band from Malaysia. The Tribute will be released on Malaysian label Metal Zone Distro.
  • 04 June 2011 00:00

    Reissue Of "... Till Violence".

    "Pain Is Inevitable" Split Out Now!